Dr’s worth the weight in GOLD

Big announcement we are extremely happy to announce Doctor 2 You are now Gold sponsors.
Melissa wanted to get involved with the project after seeing the great success and community collaboration on a similar project in Gympy. We are very honored and excited to have this wonderful new business involved with the project and hope it will spur other companies on to assist getting this project completed. Doctor 2 You, will be gold sponsors by a monthly payment plan. If this is something you are interested in please get in touch. Once again a massive thank you to Doctor 2 You, not only for the amazing service to the area but for being a part of it too.

Doctor 2 You is an after hours home visit GP service currently offered by Dr Melissa McCann.
Area covered is Proserpine to Shute Harbour and surrounding suburbs.
Hours we take calls is from 4pm weekdays, and from 12 noon weekends and public holidays. Visits are from 6pm to midnight on weekdays, and from 2pm to midnight on weekends and public holidays.
This service is fully bulk billed for all local residents with a current medicare or DVA card. Call 1800 372 968.

doctor 2 You


So exciting we have just ordered the 2nd piece of equipment to go into Logan’s Adventure Playground.

Also in addition to the The Saturn Carousel going in, we will also be erecting the fence which is made up of all the personalised pickets and business posts. So if you want your family or business name etched in history at the playground head over and order your picket or post today.

Check out the attached link of the Saturn Carousel and let us know what you think.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbB_UHp9fn8 saturn carousel


business post update

Contact us or head to the ORDER YOUR PICKET HERE tab – to purchase your part of the playground. Only 29 available so get in quick.

How can you help ???

Wow – I know it looks pretty impressive doesn’t it. This is the proposed STAGE 2 for Logan’s Adventure Playground. We don’t want to make the kids wait another year or so to see it happen, lets keep the momentum going and get this done sooner rather than later.

You can help by … telling everyone you know to get on board! We have already had such much support since the flying fox opened. Seabreeze, Airlie Fitness, Weddings Whitsunday, Obstacles gone Mad. Its been a great week.
We have sponsorship packages available, or you could buy a family or business post, we always need prizes for events, or if none of them suit you just get in touch I am sure we can find a way for you to assist.

We have a fantastic community and how good will it feel to know we built this amazing playground together.

Kellie and the Parent Action Group Team


It’s time to play!!

Our very first piece of equipment will be open on Sunday 15th February. At 10am, the mayor will say a few words and cut the ribbon and the winners of the talent show will get the 1st and 2nd go down the 30ft flying fox.

We will also the bbq fired up for a sausage sizzle, some over sized board games, paper planes competition and much more.

Come on down to see what we have achieved and what we have planned for stages 2 & 3.

Flying Fox

The Flying Fox is in

The Flying Fox is in

Now thats what you call a flying fox. Installed in December expected to open in February – a long time coming but everyone agrees it looks great. Some delays with opening as we need to enclose the storm water pipe that runs along the end. Of course we want to open it with some fanfare and are planning a fun day & sausage sizzle along with the winners of our talent show last August to be the first ones down. Watch this space for more information.

And so the shopping begins…

The earthworks are not far from being completed and that means we can start to shop, flying foxes have been quoted on and we are ready to order – yippee. Very exciting time, wish we had a few more weeks up our sleeve before Christmas but there you go. All being well the flying fox should be in and ready to use. Ooooops hope I haven’t jinxed it 😉 STAGE 2 will start a little later than expected but we hoping to get a wriggle on early in 2015 with some more pieces of equipment. You can help by coming to one of our events or buying a picket. Money raised will go towards making STAGE 2 bigger and better.

STAGE 1 to commence September 2014

Well we have had a fantastic few weeks. Council have approved and will be providing the earthworks for STAGE 1 of the playground. The committee are so excited we will finally see something happening on site.

As part of stage 1 we will be constructing the front fence so if you would like your family name or business name be quick and buy a picket or a post now. It is our mission to sell at least another 100 pickets before the work starts. This money will go along way towards fundraising for stage 2 which we hope we can also start this year. So get on board and order your picket now!

George is Gold !

George Christensen has confirmed he will be a gold sponsor of the playground. That’s a $15,000 contribution. George is very supportive of the project and has written us a letter that will accompany all our grants applications. Thank you George!

Picket News

The picket orders are coming in fast and with the introductory rate due to expire 31st August we are expecting a lot more to come in by the end of the month.

Payment plans are now available – just contact us via the picket order form.